I'm so very excited to finally bring you these printable Road Trip inspired pages. When planning our Road Trip from Washington state to Oklahoma in May of 2012 I knew I needed to design a collection of printable paper that I could use for my road trip Journal. I'm happy to say the trip was a success, and I found the grayscale color palette super easy to work with.

Working with grayscale as my base paper gave me an opportunity to coordinate with a fun color. I chose hot pink accents. The roll of neon colored duct tape I bought was well used by the time we returned home!


I have a picture showing what I brought with me on the trip... but I really didnt need to bring that much. The simpler the better. Remember it will feel freeing to leave behind the majority of your scrapbooking stash. :) Things you should bring:

SCRAPBOOK - I like to use the chipboard books from Maya Road, my very first roadtrip journal was made using a 7gypsies chipboard book. I like to make sure my books have a binder that I can open to add more pages to. I never use the chipboads pages that come inside, just because I don't think it leaves much room inside the book. I always cut and hole punch my own. :)




HOLE PUNCH - for adding more pages

PENS - Different sized points will add interest 

DECORATIVE TAPE- Not essential but comes in handy at times

Remember to be on the lookout for items you can collect from your travels. Receipts, clean packaging, etc.

Ideas for the printable paper:

You can use these as little thank you cards/notes... you can use them as recipe cards, or as gift tags when wrapping packages. I like to attach or layer items/receipts/clippings onto my base cards. :) They work really well with project life! Just cut them down to your desired size. :)

Included in this set: 

- 1 PDF files containing all 15 pages that you can easily print from your computer, no need to own photoshop.

(be sure to choose NO scaling when printing, so the size isnt reduced) 


Are you interested in using the cards with your digital layouts/books?

Each page is provided individually in JPEG format, (each page is 8x10") so you'll be able to drag and drop them into your layouts if you are using photoshop. :)

How will I receive my files?

After purchasing you will be automatically e-mailed a time sensitive download link. You will need adobe reader installed on your computer if you intend to print the pages. :)

More questions? Please send me an e-mail: contact (@) vol25 (dot) com

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