FREE TO BE ME is the second album inspired by Shannon Sewell and Julie Martin of ZOZO Bug Baby, and it works really well for children, seniors, couples, etc. etc. :) This template is also available in a 12x12 album format.

♥ This accordion style mini book template was created using WHCC's guide files. You can print with another lab if you choose, just make sure to adapt the color mode, and bleed lines according to your chosen labs recommendations.

♥ The mini book dimensions: 3.75x11.25 at 300 dpi

♥ To help you quickly find the photo you want in the layers pallette, some photos have numbers on the clipping masks. This is not part of the design, and the photo covers the number once "clipped." They are purely there as a way of organizing the layers for you. :)

♥ Templates are layered and editable in .psd format. The background is a textured blue color, but you can add a color (with the paint bucket) or any other colors/backgrounds you'd like. :) The washed out clouds are on a separate layer, so you can easily work them into whatever background you prefer. :)

This template is also available as a 10 spread 12x12 album template. See HERE.


Q: Do I need a special program to use these? 

Yes, you will need to have photoshop installed on your computer. Versions 7.0 and newer will work. The templates will also work with the much cheaper Elements version of photoshop. However, you will need to e-mail me for an un-grouping action that will have to be installed. For some reason elements does not like to read layers that have been grouped or organized into a folder. The un-grouping action will un-group these layers making them editable again. :)

Q: Are the templates easy to use?

They are! Super simple in fact.


A HUGE thank you goes out to Shannon Sewell for allowing me to use her inspiring images.  She NEVER disappoints! 



Templates, Overlays, printables and all other products listed are copyright VOL25. They may not be shared, copied, or resold in their digital format. They may however be offered to your photography clients in printed form.There is a limited commercial use license included with the purchase of each set. However, you may not resale or distribute the products  without written permission. Are you a photographer wondering if your intended use is okay?

Maybe this will help:

Will you be selling to individuals or to retail stores? If they are one off sales direct to a direct consumer then no problem, however if you are selling wholesale to retailers who then sell to the public, then we would need a commercial licensing arrangement written. I have an agent and I can gladly give you her contact info. 

Also, this probably goes without saying, but the shapes/templates should not be used to create art prints for resale.



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