The idea of using illustrated elements with portrait photography has been swirling around in my head for a couple of years. I cannot express how excited I am to finally have this unique product available to photographers.

Fly Away was created specifically for  themed Birthday sessions. It is loaded with colorful balloons, whimsical clouds and an adorable banner. You are only limited by your imagination.

 WHAT IS INCLUDED in the Fly Away themed series:

    • Hi-resolution illustrations (as shown in the second thumbnail photo) placed on individual layers for "free style" play, saved as a .psd file. These allow you to build your own storyboards, or you may work them directly into your photos.
    • 1 printable pdf posing guide - specific to this set, using my own photos shown below. This is very helpful when just getting started.
    • 1 stylized .psd template featuring the same posing guide that you can customize with your own poses, photos, logo and branding. Print the pages, stick them inside a plastic sleeve and clip inside a 3 ring binder. I used this translucent flexible 3 ring binder, purchased from amazon.
      • BONUS: 5 storyboard templates (shown below) designed with the included illustrations. The templates are sized at 16x20 (these may be re-sized as needed) and work beautifully printed on canvas. These are for those who are a little intimidated building their own "story" and they may be modified as desired.

      IMPORTANT: Minor masking will be needed with some templates, others are super simple and require no masking! There are so many helpful articles showing how to use this feature. I found this one to be very informative.

      PRINTING: The templates were not formatted for printing with any one particular printing company. Please be sure and pay attention to the color mode and bleed lines (especially if ordering a wrap around gallery canvas) before you submit your image to your chosen printing company. Please keep in mind that I cannot be held responsible for any mistakes with your printed order. Also, it is always a great idea to zoom in really close and make sure your masking (or erasing) is neat and tidy.

      LEGAL INFO: Please remember, no sharing, claiming, or selling of the actual templates is allowed. Photographers have the right to sell the printed product (in conjunction with photos from their session) to clients. However digital artists may not use any of the illustrations/elements from the template in their artwork for re-sale. I have spent many many hours drawing these illustrations. I have put my heart into each one... so please do not steal or share. Photos are copyright VOL.25 Digital Eye Candy. Questions? Feel free to e-mail me! contact (@) VOL25 (dot) com.

      Photos are my own work, and models are my own children, nieces, nephews or cousins. :)

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