• I've been told that adding a little "bling" to a shelter animals photo increases adoption chances significantly. There are so many kind hearted people out there who have devoted their lives to helping animals find a home. This overlay set is my way of trying to help those very special people, help those special animals. This set is completely free for you to use. Apply a shape to your photos and post them via any social media outlet. Please do not sell the shapes. I would love it if you helped spread the word regarding this Free set. I only ask that instead of sharing the product, please share the direct link to this page so others can download from here. I’ll be watching the counter to see how many times the set is downloaded and if it seems to be well loved, I just might create another set! I would love to hear if it has helped your organization! 

    I do have 3 other pet themed sets for sale in my shop, they are also fun to play with. :) In addition to this overlay set I finally finished up my very first album template collection geared towards dogs, cats, or bunnies... and my first storyboard template that works really well with pet photos! :) I want to thank Sarah Beth Photography for the photography, and the photographers from hearts speak for the encouragement and guidance in creating this overlay set!

  • Why custom shapes as overlays you ask?

    Simply because custom shapes work EXCELLENT as overlays. Unlike brushes, custom shapes are vector based. This means you can re-size them without loss of quality. You can also grab a corner and pull it to create different angles as if you were conforming them to fit the angle of a wall, sky etc.

    I want to thank Sarah Beth Photography for the photography, and the photographers from hearts speak for the encouragement and guidance in creating this overlay set!

  • How will I receive my files?

    After purchasing you will be e-mailed a time sensitive link where you can INSTANTLY download your (custom shapes) overlay set(s). Payments are processed through paypal. They securely process your credit card payment without you needing to register for an account.

    What versions of photoshop are compatible?

    The overlays work in adobe photoshop 7.0 and up. I have also had people manage to load them into earlier versions of elements (version 5 and up) I believe in Elements 5 they are loaded under your "cookie cutters toolbar."

    Feel free to download our free trial shape, and try before you buy.

    Clicking the above link will allow you to download the free shape to your computer, where you will need to un-zip the file. If you need help loading the shapes, refer to this video here.

    More questions? Take a peek at our FAQ page, or send me an e-mail: contact (@) vol25 (dot) com

  • LEGAL/COPYRIGHT INFO: Templates, Overlays, Printables and all other products listed are copyright VOL25. They may not be shared, copied, or resold in their digital format. They may however be offered to your photography clients in printed form. There is a limited commercial use license included with the purchase of each set. However, you may not resale or distribute the products without written permission.


    Vol.25 Digital Eye Candy products are created as a resource for photographers. The purpose is to enhance your photography, or personal/professional blog. Please do not purchase and sell the overlays for any purpose other than their intended use. You may use also the overlays in your product photography for your etsy shop. Example: I recently had a customer who knits cowls for dogs. She asked if she could incorporate the overlays into the photo shoot representing her product. I have absolutely no problem with that, it is exactly what they are intended for. Also, this probably goes without saying, but the shapes/templates should not be used to create art prints for resale.

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