Card Template - THE PAULA ROOM

The Paula Room is part of the Seasonal Room Collection. The entire collection is made up of 6 stylishly illustrated room designs. I spent hours drawing fireplaces, sofas, arm chairs and accessories for each room. Rearranging furniture in photoshop until everything felt just right. :) I chose green as my base pop of color and paired that with a light pencil gray for all other elements. Keeping the background neutral will allow your client's (or your own!) photographs to shine all on they're own. You can change the color of all green elements in each room by either playing with the hue/saturation of each accessory/item. Or, when a color layer is provided you can simply use the paint bucket to quickly change the color. :) If you are considering purchasing all 6 rooms/card templates, I would recommend purchasing the Super Saver Pack. Doing so will save you 22.00!

These cards are sure to be memorable, and when the holiday season is over, you can simply hide the seasonal layers. Doing so makes the templates SUPER versatile. :) 



::These are not knock outs (flattened images with a hole cut out for your pic) my templates are editable layered psd files created with WHCC sizing in mind.

::All templates are flat 5x7 cards, allowing you or your customers to ship cheaper then a tri-fold.

::The text on the back card is on individual layers. If you do not have the font I used installed, your computer will substitute the font with another font you do have. Because of this, I do include the font name on each text layer, and I always use free commercial use fonts, so you can easily google the font name and download it to your computer... Or you can simply delete the text layer and use your own. :)

::Templates use clipping masks, if you are unfamiliar with what this means... never fear, clipping masks are suuper easy to work with. Check out this tutorial for detailed instructions. 

::You may also edit the colors by selecting the desired layer and adjusting the hue/saturation or playing around with the color balance. :)   Or, when a color layer is provided you can simply use the paint bucket to quickly change the color. :)

If you still have questions, be sure and check out my FAQ page HERE!

You can also click the images to ZOOM in. :)

Given the nature of the product there are no refunds, but I will try my best to help with any problems you may encounter. :)

Example images are the work of Millie Holloman Photography! :)

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