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After receiving a few e-mails asking if I was planning to offer Card templates, I am happy to say I now do! :) This page proudly showcases my VERY first set of Christmas Card templates. I hope you find them unique, fresh and inspiring! :) I really underestimated just how much thought and time went into creating a really good collection of photo card templates. Many many hours were spent on these labors of love, and I hope you find them as sweet as I do... 


::These are not knock outs (flattened images with a hole cut out for your pic) my templates are editable layered psd files created with WHCC sizing in mind.

::All templates are flat 5x7 cards, allowing you or your customers to ship cheaper then a tri-fold.

::Most of the text is rasterized (un-editable) on its own layer so that your computer can still read the font, even if it you do not have that particular font. I do include the font name on each text layer, and I always use free commercial use fonts, so you can easily google the font name and download it to your computer... Or you can simply delete the text layer and use your own. :)

::Templates use clipping masks, if you are unfamiliar with what this means... never fear, clipping masks are suuper easy to work with. Check out this tutorial for detailed instructions. 

::You may also edit the colors by selecting the desired layer and adjusting the hue/saturation or playing around with the color balance. :)

If you still have questions, be sure and check out my FAQ page HERE!

You can also click the images to ZOOM in. :)

Most of my templates were created with a space for your logo in mind, which makes them also really good for advertising! Simply delete the example logo and place your own trendy logo in its place. :)

This template is layered allowing you to change the colors of the papers, as well as move around key elements. So, if you're not quite digging the color of a particular template, feel free to change it. Pull colors from your photos even. You will need to know how to work with clipping masks. You can see a suuper informative tutorial on that very subject here. :) It really is simple. 

Given the nature of the product there are no refunds, but I will try my best to help with any problems you may encounter. :)

Example images are the work of Simply Rosie Photography :) 

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