Card Template - Baby announcement- Unicorn

This sweet card template was designed for use as a baby announcement, but feel free to change it to meet your needs! I can see the text changed, allowing the card to work perfectly as a party invite! :) 

IMPORTANT! All of the layers are editable EXCEPT for the background and Unicorn layer. Both the Unicorn and background are on the same layer. You will still be able to change the hue of this layer, but not separate from one another.

  • These are not knock outs (flattened images with a hole cut out for your pic) my templates are editable layered psd files created with WHCC sizing in mind.

  • All templates are flat 5x7 cards, allowing you or your customers to ship cheaper then a tri-fold.
  • Most of the text is rasterized (un-editable) on its own layer so that your computer can still read the font, even if it you do not have that particular font. I do include the font name on each text layer, and I always use free commercial use fonts, so you can easily google the font name and download it to your computer... Or you can simply delete the text layer and use your own. :)  
  • Templates use clipping masks, if you are unfamiliar with what this means... never fear, clipping masks are suuper easy to work with. Check out this tutorial for detailed instructions. 
  • You can also click the images to ZOOM in. :)

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