2013 calendar templates are here! This little gem is like getting 8 templates in one! 2 themes, with 4 variations per theme. Plus a backside based off the separate themes.


This set features the ability to use the templates with your senior or family sessions. The senior design elements, and the family design elements are both in separate folders. Just hide the theme you do not wish to use. :)

♥  These templates are sized as an 8x10 postcard and were created using WHCC's 8x10 postcard template. There is a front template giving you the ability to use as either senior or family themed. There is also 4 different photo layout design choices, featuring 1, 2, 3 or 4 photos. I've also included a back template option that you may or may not choose to use. 

♥ The back template features a photo along with your website info, but devoid of any calendar info. This will allow your client to still use the postcard once the year has ended. 

♥ Templates are layered and editable in .psd format. The background is white, but you can add a color (with the paint bucket) or any other colors/backgrounds you'd like. :)

♥  The calendar months and text are all on one layer. However the band of color underneath the text of each month may be changed. You will want to stick with softer colors so that the gray text of the month shows up. :) The herringbone pattern up top, as well as the text directly underneath the photos are changeable in color.

♥  I always use commercial free fonts so you can download the specified font to your computer. You can however hide or delete my writing and add in whatever text/font you'd like.

Q: Are the templates easy to use?

They are! Super simple in fact. Each template includes a little information on how to clip your images to fit within the boxes. Easy as pie.

Q: Can I use these in Photoshop Elements? 

You sure can! However, you will need to install an un-grouping action into elements.... so if you any knowledge of installing actions that would be helpful. You can e-mail me after purchase, and I would be glad to send along an un-grouping action for you to use. :)


Templates, Overlays, printables and all other products listed are copyright VOL25. They may not be shared, copied, or resold in their digital format. They may however be offered to your photography clients in printed form.There is a limited commercial use license included with the purchase of each set. However, you may not resale or distribute the products  without written permission. Are you a photographer wondering if your intended use is okay?

Maybe this will help:

Will you be selling to individuals or to retail stores? If they are one off sales direct to a direct consumer then no problem, however if you are selling wholesale to retailers who then sell to the public, then we would need a commercial licensing arrangement written. I have an agent and I can gladly give you her contact info. 

Also, this probably goes without saying, but the shapes/templates should not be used to create art prints for resale.


A HUGE thank you goes out to Amanda Holloway Photography  and Millie Holloman Photography

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