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♥ Each template is sized at 12"x12"

♥ Less is more: I designed these with those very words in mind. I wanted to keep the templates super simple, so the focus would stay on my pictures. You can definitely add your own journaling, or embellishments, background colors or patterns to the layouts. I also chose to leave out dealing with individual dates for each photograph, instead I opted to specify the week in the lower portion of the template. This was again in an effort to keep things simple enough that I could commit the time needed to finish up a layout once a week. :)

♥ Templates are in fully editable .psd format. Each of the sketched squares are completely movable allowing you to fully customize they're size and placement.

♥ Several different 7 photo 2 page spread combinations are possible using these pages. Choose a 4 page photo layout and combine it with a 3 photo layout, choose a 5 page layout and combine with a 2 page layout, etc. etc. 

♥ For these templates I used the font Myriad Web Pro. I do believe this is a free font, and a quick google search should turn up a few different sources. The font is editable, so you can easily substitute your favorite font in its place. :)


Q: Are the templates easy to use?

They are! Super simple in fact. Each template page includes a little information on how to clip your images to fit within the boxes. Easy as pie.

Q: Are there any groups supporting project 365? Where can I go for more information?

There are many MANY different 365 groups on flickr. I did a search HERE. I joined one when I started for the first time back in 2007. The encouragement I received in comments was a big help! :)

Q: Do I have to start on January 1st?

Absolutely not! Any day is a good day to start preserving memories... or for working on your photography skills. 


I recommend opening an account with blurb (It is completely free) soon after starting your project. You can begin creating (and saving) your book. You can choose to either download blurb's booksmart program or blurb's online version of the same program. Both options have advantages, so you'll have to decide what is best for you. :) You can upload your layouts on a weekly or even a monthly basis. I think seeing the book evolve over time will help give me the inspiration to keep going, each week will seem like a mini victory! Plus it will keep me from ending up with a bunch of pages that need to be added all at once. I'm even considering breaking the year up into 2 books, so that I can have something tangible 6 months from now when I may consider quiting.

Because the pages are sized at 12x12" Blurb's Lare 12x12 square format book is an ideal size to choose. Or if you'd like you can resize the templates to 7x7 and go with the smaller square format book. To create your blurb book, you will need to save your completed templates as a JPEG, then upload them to your book as a full size blank page. This means you will need to create a book that allows you to upload a full size image as an entire page. :)


These Templates are really versatile! You can insert your favorite photos from a recent photography session and upload the template to your blog. Doing so will deliver the photos in a professional attractive manner, and will make viewing several photos at one time a bit easier for your readers. :)

Of course there are many many other uses for these that should fit your business or personal needs.


I have always loved the thought of taking one picture every day for a total of 365 days, although I admit that it definitely seems a little intimidating, and failure seems pretty likely. :) But.. honestly... you have NOTHING to lose, and so much to gain. My first attempt at Project 365 began back in October of 2007. I made it through day 72, and ended up stopping for one reason or another. I wish I had stuck with it, but even though I didnt, the 72 pictures I did take are SO amazing for me to look back on. Things change way too quickly. My "munchkins" are turning into little ladies before my eyes, and unfortunately I'm not getting any younger myself! The pictures I took during that time clearly show changes in my photography, and I can safely say it has changed for the best! :) 

So- I guess I am trying to convince you to give the project a try. Even if you never finish, you (and your love ones) will cherish what you DO GET.


The quote above is what I will be telling myself during the project! :) I hope it can help inspire you too! 


To these photographers who allowed me to use they're images in my templates!!

Simply Rosie, Gina (aka Mama Fence on flickr) Ana Guerrero, and Jen Johner. :) Each template also tells which photographer's images were used.  




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