Album Templates- SIMPLE PENCIL 12X12 FOR WHCC


The 10 spreads included in this set feature a really simple pencil look, hence the name. Because the set is so simple, it really makes the templates ideal for any type of session.

♥ Each template is sized at 12"x12" and created using WHCC album template for Watercolor, Linen, Recycled or Satin Paper. Each template may be sized smaller for use in any of the smaller square album formats. The cover of this album was created for a 10 spread album with 20 pages.

♥ Templates are in fully editable in .psd format. These templates are slightly different than others I have offered. The actual black drawn outline of the photos is on one layer. However the clipping masks are on separate layers, but the style of the design is a little more limiting.   

♥  Please be aware that I wanted a slightly rougher look, to fin in with a penciled in look. If you look at the last photo example you can see that the clipping masks have an almost ragged appearance, and some white shows through from the background layer. This is intentionally done. :)

♥ For these templates I used my own pencil scrawled handwriting for the few random quotes seen in the book. This unfortunately means the text isnt editable. For the cover I used a free commercial use font and I've provided the name of the font on the text layer, so you can easily google the name to download to your own computer. :)

Q: Are the templates easy to use?

They are! Super simple in fact. The first page spread includes a little information on how to clip your images to fit within the boxes. Easy as pie.



To Simply Rosie, for allowing me to use her images in the templates. :)




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