Album Templates- PUNK 12X12 FOR WHCC


Are you searching for an album template with a grungier style? Punk fits the bill!

♥ Each template is sized at 12"x12" and created using WHCC album templates for Watercolor, Linen, Recycled or Satin Paper. Each template may be sized smaller for use in any of the smaller square album formats. The cover of this album was created for a 10 spread album with 20 pages.

♥ Templates are layered and editable in .psd format. The backgrounds are flattened but you can play with the brightness and saturation. You can also hide the background layer if you would like a clean white background. See image for examples.

♥ For these templates I used a commercial free font, that are also free to download. I provide the name of the font on each text layer, and in order for your computer to recognize and apply the font you will have to do a search and download it. :)

♥ While the white stars are not as easily customizable you can move them around the spread!


Q: Do I need a special program to use these? 

Yes, you will need to have photoshop installed on your computer. Versions 7.0 and newer will work. The templates will also work with the much cheaper Elements version of photoshop. However, you will need to e-mail me for an un-grouping action that will have to be installed. For some reason elements does not like to read layers that have been grouped or organized into a folder. The un-grouping action will un-group these layers making them editable again. :)

Q: Are the templates easy to use?

They are! Super simple in fact. Each template page includes a little information on how to clip your images to fit within the boxes. Easy as pie.


A HUGE thank you goes out to Shannon Sewell for allowing me to use her inspiring images.  She NEVER disappoints!

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