These storyboard/collage templates were created especially for pets! I know there isnt a whole lot available in terms of templates for pet photographers... and I've been fortunate enough to have a few wonderful photographers from heARTS speak point me in the right direction in regards to the design. The storyboards were heavily inspired by the Pet Friends album template set. But they are neutral enough that you can simply choose to use a different patterned texture (besides a pet themed texture)  and they work beautifully for newborns, engagements, or anything else that can benefit from a clean simple modern design.


♥  What is included: 4 High Resolution Storyboard templates sized at 16x20"


♥  Layered .psd files. Feel free to re-arrange as it suits your need- However keep in mind the two collage style templates are not as easy to move elements around. You can, it just isnt set-up as easy as the other two templates included.

♥ These are extremely versatile. You can add text, photos, or patterned paper to any of the clipping masks. I kept the elements grayscale in color because I thought it kept the focus on the pictures, but you may add in color. I've also included a patterned paper suitable for a bunny, cat, dog and something more subtle/generic for other uses. If you are familiar with this album template set- then you know what I am talking about. :)

♥ Clipping masks enable you to easily drop your photos in. 

♥ The text can be hidden, and your own text/font may be substituted in its place. This means you can customize the album to better suit your clients.

♥ These templates will work with adobe 7.0 and up. As is, these templates will NOT work with Elements. Simply because I have layers "grouped" so that they are organized. Apparently Elements will not ungroup layers. BUT, if you are familiar with installing actions in elements, you may go ahead and purchase. But send me an e-mail and I'll send along the action that will allow elements to un-group the layers for you. :)


♥ The templates were not formatted for printing with any certain printing company. So be sure and pay attention to the color mode and bleed lines (especially if ordering a wrap around gallery canvas) before you submit your image to your chosen printing company. Please keep in mind that I cannot be held responsible for any mistakes with your printed order.  


Please remember, no sharing, claiming, or selling of the actual templates is allowed. Photographers have the right to sell the printed product to clients. However digital artists may not use elements from the template in they're artwork for re-sell. Questions? Feel free to e-mail me! contact (@) VOL25 (dot) com.


To Sarah Beth Photography for the adorable animal pics, and to Millie Holloman Photography for the incredibly cute baby/engagement pictures!

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