These timeline templates were designed to be used on FB! They are specially sized to work as your cover image on FB... so now you can make a statement with any one of the 3 included templates!


♥ Each of the 3 templates are sized at 316 X 815 pixels. These are LOW resolution files for web use and specially sized to be used as a facebook's timeline cover image.  

♥ Templates are in a low resolution, .psd format complete with clipping masks. The backgrounds (when applicable) are not layered, but may be hidden when needed/desired. Photo clipping masks are on separate layer(s).

♥  Please be aware that these are not high resolution files, and the price reflects that. :) Depending on the size of your blog header, these may be used in place of a blog banner. So long as the height and width of your blog banner's specifications does not exceed 316x815, otherwise the templates will appear blurry and pixelated when uploaded wider then the created sizes. :)

Q: Do I need a special program to use these? 

Yes, you will need to have photoshop installed on your computer. Versions 7.0 and newer will work. The templates will also work with the much cheaper Elements version of photoshop. However, you will need to e-mail me for an un-grouping action that will have to be installed. For some reason elements does not like to read layers that have been grouped or organized into a folder. The un-grouping action will un-group these layers making them editable again. :)

Q: Are the templates easy to use?

They are! Super simple in fact. Each template page includes a little information on how to clip your images to fit within the boxes. Easy as pie.


Millie Holloman Photography!



Templates, Overlays, printables and all other products listed are copyright VOL25. They may not be shared, copied, or resold in their digital format. They may however be offered to your photography clients in printed form.There is a limited commercial use license included with the purchase of each set. However, you may not resale or distribute the products  without written permission. Are you a photographer wondering if your intended use is okay?

Maybe this will help:

Will you be selling to individuals or to retail stores? If they are one off sales direct to a direct consumer then no problem, however if you are selling wholesale to retailers who then sell to the public, then we would need a commercial licensing arrangement written. I have an agent and I can gladly give you her contact info. 

Also, this probably goes without saying, but the shapes/templates should not be used to create art prints for resale.

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