FREE Overylay set for Shelter Animals- RESCUE ME

This is the very first FREE Overlay set I have created. I've been told that adding a little "bling" to a shelter animal's photo increases adoption chances significantly. There are so many kind hearted people out there who have devoted their lives to helping animals find a home. This overlay set is my way of trying to help those very special people, help those special animals. This set is completely free for you to use.

I do have 3 other pet themed sets for sale in my shop, they are also fun to play with. :) In addition to this overlay set I finally finished up my very first album template collection geared towards dogs, cats, or bunnies... and my first storyboard template that works really well with pet photos! :)

Apply a shape to your photos and post them via any social media outlet. Please do not sell the shapes. I would love it if you helped spread the word regarding this Free set. I only ask that instead of sharing the product, please share the direct link (this one HERE: ) so others can download from the very same spot. I’ll be watching the counter to see how many times the set is downloaded and if it seems to be well loved, I just might create another set! I would love to hear if it has helped your organization!


I want to thank Sarah Beth Photography for the photography, and the photographers from hearts speak for the encouragement and guidance in creating this overlay set!

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August 31, 2014


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