New Look for Digital Eye Candy!

After working on it for a couple of weeks, I am so incredibly excited to say that I have re-branded the Vol25 Digital Eye Candy shop!

Here is my new shiny logo:

I have it shown in a few different formats, because different circumstances will call for variations of the logo... but it is so nice to finally have it finished. I started working on the logo re-design back in January. I've had to re-prioritize over the past few months, and have moved it to the back burner on more than one occasion. :) I also went through and updated the Overlay Collection graphic for ALL overlays. Goodness, did you know I now offer over 50 overlay sets!!? I really didn't know the number had grown that high. It took quite a few days spent in photoshop re-loading each overlay set into photoshop, and then re-formatting them to the new updated layout collection page. I'll show you what I mean!


Old graphic versus new graphic. :) The new is much cleaner, and will allow me to make the best use of the space according to whether the graphic needs a square space, or a long skinny feature area. :) I wasn't sure it was really worth all the extra time that was put into updating my logo and the layouts... but I just couldnt leave the pages with an old logo! I still need to update some of the storyboard templates, but the overlays were a priority, and I am so glad to have them finished up!

In addition to updating each overlay set with the new graphic I also had to alter a little bit of code in each listing to display a tab format. I love how it really cleans up the listing pages:



I can change the text on the "Add To Cart" buttons, what do you think it should say?


Well, that is the new website, what do you think? I can change the width of the banner, should I? I like the full screen width because I like the fact that it is new and change... but should it be more of a standard size? Would love your thoughts!

So, in working on the shop... I have so many ideas I want to put into place. I am going to be featuring old overlay sets as well as sharing a few tips on how to use the overlays in creative ways. I also ordered my very first white seamless backdrop for something SUPER fun. :)

Okay! The best part, is that to celebrate the new look I am having a 50% OFF storewide sale!


Just use code: REDEFINE It will expire the 8th of April- so just little under a week! :)

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