April 03, 2014

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FREE Overylay set for Shelter Animals- RESCUE ME

This is the very first FREE Overlay set I have created. I've been told that adding a little "bling" to a shelter animal's photo increases adoption chances significantly. There are so many kind hearted people out there who have devoted their lives to helping animals find a home. This overlay set is my way of trying to help those very special people, help those special animals. This set is completely free for you to use.

I do have 3 other pet themed sets for sale in my shop, they are also fun to play with. :) In addition to this overlay set I finally finished up my very first album template collection geared towards dogs, cats, or bunnies... and my first storyboard template that works really well with pet photos! :)

Apply a shape to your photos and post them via any social media outlet. Please do not sell the shapes. I would love it if you helped spread the word regarding this Free set. I only ask that instead of sharing the product, please share the direct link (this one HERE: http://vol25-digitaleyecandy.com/products/free-rescue-me-overlay-set ) so others can download from the very same spot. I’ll be watching the counter to see how many times the set is downloaded and if it seems to be well loved, I just might create another set! I would love to hear if it has helped your organization!


I want to thank Sarah Beth Photography for the photography, and the photographers from hearts speak for the encouragement and guidance in creating this overlay set!

April 02, 2014


New Look for Digital Eye Candy!

After working on it for a couple of weeks, I am so incredibly excited to say that I have re-branded the Vol25 Digital Eye Candy shop!

Here is my new shiny logo:

I have it shown in a few different formats, because different circumstances will call for variations of the logo... but it is so nice to finally have it finished. I started working on the logo re-design back in January. I've had to re-prioritize over the past few months, and have moved it to the back burner on more than one occasion. :) I also went through and updated the Overlay Collection graphic for ALL overlays. Goodness, did you know I now offer over 50 overlay sets!!? I really didn't know the number had grown that high. It took quite a few days spent in photoshop re-loading each overlay set into photoshop, and then re-formatting them to the new updated layout collection page. I'll show you what I mean!


Old graphic versus new graphic. :) The new is much cleaner, and will allow me to make the best use of the space according to whether the graphic needs a square space, or a long skinny feature area. :) I wasn't sure it was really worth all the extra time that was put into updating my logo and the layouts... but I just couldnt leave the pages with an old logo! I still need to update some of the storyboard templates, but the overlays were a priority, and I am so glad to have them finished up!

In addition to updating each overlay set with the new graphic I also had to alter a little bit of code in each listing to display a tab format. I love how it really cleans up the listing pages:



I can change the text on the "Add To Cart" buttons, what do you think it should say?


Well, that is the new website, what do you think? I can change the width of the banner, should I? I like the full screen width because I like the fact that it is new and change... but should it be more of a standard size? Would love your thoughts!

So, in working on the shop... I have so many ideas I want to put into place. I am going to be featuring old overlay sets as well as sharing a few tips on how to use the overlays in creative ways. I also ordered my very first white seamless backdrop for something SUPER fun. :)

Okay! The best part, is that to celebrate the new look I am having a 50% OFF storewide sale!


Just use code: REDEFINE It will expire the 8th of April- so just little under a week! :)